Solid waste refers to any discarded materials, including household garbage, industrial waste, and construction debris. Proper management of solid waste is crucial to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and maintain the overall health and well-being of communities. On First Nation reserves, waste management can present unique challenges. These challenges arise due to factors such as remote locations, limited infrastructure, cultural considerations, and limited resources. As a result, waste management practices on First Nation reserves often require tailored solutions that respect the specific needs and cultural values of the community.

SALT recognizes these challenges and is dedicated to supporting First Nation communities in establishing effective waste management systems. SALT works closely with communities to provide guidance, resources, and expertise in developing sustainable Waste Management Facilities that can serve the communities for an extended period.

In an effort to bring options to communities and enhance community understanding of waste management SALT in joint partnership with Recycle Saskatchewan have create Waste Management Toolkit. If you are interested in community presentations or more information on funding options for waste diversion please contact David Brass –

Solid Waste Management

Programs SALT offers:

3R VR: Protectors of Our Land
SALT is excited to share that 3R VR: Protectors of Our Land, an immersive Virtual Reality game, will be released this fall! SALT would like to visit schools/communities to educate grades 1-3 on the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling! On an Oculus, students will be guided by cultural animal avatars, such as an eagle, bear, wolf, and moose! This quest educates students on the importance of waste reduction while incorporating Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Waste Management Tool Kit

    Transfer Station Training

    Contact Kori Wuttunee to schedule a visit:

    Waste Site Inspection Training

    SALT offers a Virtual Reality experience on keeping your Transfer Station in your community clean. If you are interested in training Public Works staff Contact Harold Daniels: