The ATR process is collaborative work, where First Nations work with Saskatchewan (provincial Crown) and Canada (federal Crown). The ATR process includes land selection, land acquisition, land management, ATR process, and reserve creation. In Saskatchewan, about 85% of First Nations use the Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement ATR process; the remainder user the ATR Policy of the day. The ATR process is a time-consuming process and may become complicated by interests on the selection.

Additions to Reserve

Did you Know?

First Nations in Saskatchewan have created over 1,000,000 acres of reserve land. Despite this success there are many ATR selections that have been in the ATR process for more than 10 years. These selections have been termed “legacy files.”

Goals of the ATR Unit

  1. Focus on the ATR process and reduce the number of legacy files
  2. Identify common challenges and develop solutions that will reduce the timeline of the ATR processes
  3. Build capacity at the First Nation by mentoring people in the ATR process

ATR Assistance

SALT is available to assist First Nations with the Additions to Reserve process. The assistance provided is intended to build capacity with the ATR process at the First Nation. SALT can assist with file management (hard copy and electronic), communications, file manager reviews, strategies to address interests on title, and process concerns.

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