Professional Lands Management Certification Program

In order to implement the Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP), NALMA in collaboration with INAC and subject matter experts developed the Professional Lands Management Certification Program (PLMCP). NALMA’s PLMCP is used across Canada to signify that a Land Manager meets specific criteria, keeps current in the field, and adheres to a professional Code of Ethics. It represents both an achievement and a responsibility for the individual Land Manager.

A Land Manager successfully completing Level One: Post-Secondary Training and Level Two: Technical Training will be eligible to receive a Professional Lands Management Certification certificate from NALMA.

The Technical Training, delivered by NALMA, deals with specific roles and responsibilities of a First Nation Land Manager operating under the Indian Act (RLEMP), sectoral or comprehensive self-government.

Students will learn the basic concepts and knowledge that govern land management activities, assisting them in their role as a Land Manager. Technical Training provides the student with skills such as: interpreting policies and procedures, recognizing appropriate authorities, understanding legal rules enabling or constraining land management decisions.

The technical training is offered in both official languages.

To view the PLMC Program Level II training schedule click the link below:

2023-2024 Level II Program Schedule

To view the PLMC Program Level II course descriptions click the link below:

Level II Course Descriptions

To download the PLMC Program Application for Admission click the link below:
Please note the deadline for applications for the August 2023 intake is April 14 2023

Application for Admission 2023-2024_fillable form

Upon successful completion of both levels, NALMA issues a certificate that signifies the completion of a nationally recognized program, and indicates expertise and accomplishment.

For additional information about NALMA’s Professional Lands Management Certification Program, please contact:

Buffy Hill
Education and Training Administrator