About Us


To circulate new ideas, strategies and regional policies as they relate to lands management.


  • A forum for experienced First Nation Lands Technicians and INAC Land Managers, to discuss issues and concerns around the implementation and administration of land management programs in the Saskatchewan Region in an open non-political environment.
  • Meetings are loosely structured and informal with agenda items agreed to at the previous meetings. Meetings are held 4 times a year and are rotated to all areas of the province to be fair in sharing the burden of travel. Every effort is made to use First Nation businesses for accommodations, meals, and meeting rooms. The committee is a safe vehicle for discussion. What is said in the committee stays in committee.
  • We share the common goal of trying to improve land management for all First Nations in Saskatchewan and set aside our own self-interests.
  • Correspondence on LTC letterhead to be discussed by the committee before being sent.
  • Facilitation and minute recording are rotated between the 3 INAC Members.


  • Composed of 9 First Nation Land Managers and three Department Lands Staff. Each brings a wealth of information and experience to the Committee.
  • There is much diversity in technical land expertise and geographic representation.
  •  All members are equal, regardless of employer.
  •  Each committee member has mutual respect for one another.
  • Funding for travel and accommodations is provided by INAC to a maximum of 9 First Nation Land Managers.