The Saskatchewan Aboriginal Land Technicians (SALT) was established in 1995 as a Regional Land Association of the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association (NALMA). SALT has worked to ensure that Land Managers of First Nations in Saskatchewan have access to professional development and technical expertise opportunities in order to empower land managers and support their Nations values and traditions.  

In the past few years SALT has seen a dramatic shift in its capacity and impact. The hiring of a full-time Executive Director and a strong staff cohort has made it a magnet for funding and partnerships related to land management. SALT has developed a positive working relationship with Indigenous Services Canada, which in turn is eager to turn over many responsibilities for management of reserve lands to SALT, as an independent, professional, First Nations led organization. SALT in turn is ready to fulfill a bigger role in providing comprehensive services and programs for Aboriginal land technicians, and helping First Nations assume more jurisdiction over their lands.

SALT remains a non political entity with a focus on knowledge mobilization, ensuring that Saskatchewan First Nation communities are aware of programming and process that impact their lands.