• SALT has been delivering programs and services since 1995. It is a governed by an all-Indigenous board, each member of which has land management expertise, and includes a representative from ISC in an ex-officio capacity.
  • SALT serves all First Nations who require its expertise, including FNLM, RLEMP, and non-RLEMP regimes. It has developed a reputation, amongst First Nations and ISC alike, as a competent, non-political provided of services and programs. 

Vision Statement

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Land Technicians (SALT) will support Saskatchewan First Nations with land management while maintaining and promoting the First Peoples traditional customs and laws now and for future generations.

Mission Statement

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Land Technicians (SALT) is a non-political entity that provides support for Saskatchewan First Nations Land Managers to help develop and increase capacity on their Traditional territories while respecting local customs and traditions.

The Board

  • Composed of 9 First Nation Land Managers and three Department Lands Staff. Each brings a wealth of information and experience to the Committee.
  • There is much diversity in technical land expertise and geographic representation.
  • SALT provides technical support services to Saskatchewan First Nation Land Managers, through training seminars, workshops and conferences.

About Us

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Land Technicians